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Rattan Nature

Our main products are rattan nature. Nature rattan use rattan as a material. But in line with market developments for the use of materials other than cane, we are also trying to meet them like banana leaf, water hyacinth, abaca. We can work with a large quantity. Product we produce is of medium up quality . And of course we can give you competitive price for your order.



Rattan Synthetic

Our synthetic rattan products work in our own factory. Of the process of making the frame, matting synthetic, packing in our own supervision. So we can minimize production costs than we can provide competitive prices for your market. Besides that we also serve your order request in the capacity of small and large, because we strive to be your partner in business.


Promotion Item

Promotional items is our promotional products to meet market needs with a large quantity and competitive prices. For each product order that we do, we always pay attention to quality. For promotional items we have minimum order 10 x 40 HC. We used to do the super market orders with large orders. so we're used to working on large orders in total. Our team in the production of ready to work on your order.


Rattan Kubu Grey

One type of material in the interest of the market is Kubu Grey. To produce these, we are very concerned about the quality of camp itself. Like process in material selection, immersion, resulting in a nice gray color and in accordance with needs. Also in the process of making products with attention to quality.


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Mekar Asih Rattan

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